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Welcome to Bayside Boat Rentals - Ocean City Maryland!

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Here at Bayside Boat Rentals we have a number of fun and exciting water sport options to offer. Being a family owned and operated business since 1999 we pride ourselves on catering to you and yours, by maintaining a friendly, knowledgeable and certified staff as well as the most up-to-date, professionally serviced equipment.

So, whether it's enjoying a peaceful afternoon on a pontoon boat while fishing, crabbing or simply sun-bathing; or it's blasting across the waves at high speed on one of our Jet Ski rentals, or Jet Boat rentals, we can make the experience unforgettable.

Call us anytime, and look for our advertisements and money saving discount coupons in any of the Ocean City Maryland Visitor's Guides or download them here:

Bayside Boat Rentals
5307 Coastal Highway
(Bayside - Behind Chauncey's Surf Shop, sharing a parking lot with Macky's Restaurant)
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Open: 8:30am - 8:00pm 7 days a week (weather permitting)
Phone: 410-524-1948
Fax: 410-524-0730



Maryland STATE LAW to operate a rental ski is at least 16 years old with a valid photo ID that contains their birth date.
If you would like to give your 16 or 17 year old minor child permission to drive the jet ski, you must:

Click here to download, print and fill out the: LIABILITY WAIVER & MINOR ID FORMs.

You will need to print and sign your name in the appropriate spaces on both forms and send back to us along with a clear copy of your driver's license.Your last name and address must match that of the minor driver.

You can e-mail the completed from back to us at bbr2005@yahoo.com or fax to 410-524-1824.