Welcome to Bayside Boat Rentals – Ocean City MD!

Bayside water sports activitiesHere at Bayside Boat Rentals we have a number of fun and exciting water sport options to offer. Being a family owned and operated business since 1999 we pride ourselves on catering to you and yours, by maintaining a friendly, knowledgeable and certified staff as well as the most up-to-date, professionally serviced equipment.

So, whether it’s enjoying a peaceful afternoon on a pontoon boat while fishing, crabbing or simply sun-bathing; or it’s blasting across the waves at high speed on one of our Jet Ski rentals, we can make the experience safe and unforgettable.

Bayside Boat Rentals

5307 Coastal Highway
Ocean City, MD 21842

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(Bayside – Behind Chauncey’s Surf Shop, sharing a parking lot with Macky’s Restaurant)

Hours of Operation:
Open: 8:30am – 7:00pm 7 days a week Memorial Day thru Labor Day (weather & staff permitting)
Phone: 410-524-1948
Fax: 410-524-1824
email: BaysideBoatRentals@gmail.com

Meet the Owners

Meet the CutlipsChad and Jackie Cutlip and Family have owned and operated Bayside Boat Rentals since 1999.

As a family-run business we have been dedicated and worked tirelessly to make the Bayside marina one of the top locations in town!

As a direct result of this dedication and our loyal customers Bayside has been growing larger year over year and as a result we are happy to be able to share the benefits with you! Our standard practice is to lease and rent the newest and best maintained equipment in-town each and every season…hands down.

Additionally the Cutlip Family prides ourselves on being and hiring the most friendly, funny, respectful & knowledgeable staff on the shore. Each of our employees become family and they will do their absolute best to make sure that your family is treated just as special, making your time visiting us something to remember. We are also child friendly and supportive of introducing young ones to the joys of recreational water sports. As many of our regulars can attest we have three beautiful little ladies who have been raised right here at Bayside interacting with our customers and their children on a regular basis.

One or more of the owners can be found onsite each and every day working to improve the experiences of our customers and ensuring that you and your loved ones have a safe rental experience, a few belly laughs and leave with a smile on your face and plenty of happy memories from your trip! Don’t believe us? Just check out our online reviews to see for yourself.

As small business owners we are truly thankful for ALL of our customers and blessed to have had and continue to have so many loyal, repeat customers over the years… many who we now call friends and look forward to seeing each and every season!

Thank you for all of the support, We look forward to meeting or seeing you again this season!